Proud mama

I am a proud parent today. My oldest son completed his Criminology diploma and is now venturing onward to complete a degree. 

He continues to amaze and astound with his perseverance and strength. 

I recognize how difficult it was for him to be left behind when we moved, and to be thrown into adulthood while beginning his first year of college with little choice. There were times when he wanted to come home. There were times when he questioned his choice to complete his education. He is now half way complete and is looking forward to the next part of his journey. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Home in the New Year

It’s a new year and we live in a new house in a new province. The weather here is similar to BC, other than when it snows it stays longer and the nights are cooler. It is supposed to be a high of -8 tomorrow (eeew!) 

Our son started school and cadets today. He didn’t say too much about either but seemed to think it was okay. Our home is mostly normal now, but I am still getting used to how sound carries in the house. 

Insomnia is kicking my butt. I continue to search for a doctor accepting patients. My foot (and back)has been bothering me and I am not sure there is really anything that can be done. I’m bored and really want to look for work but don’t think I would be able to do much. Maybe I’ll find a place to volunteer. Something… Anything… I can’t sit at home all day or I will go crazy!

We went out for New Years Eve. It was great. We took the ferry (versus trying to drive to Halifax in the traffic) and went downtown. There were bands, fireworks and even cirque performers. It was a good night. 

Hope you all enjoyed your week!wpid-wp-1396845031228.jpeg