Proud mama

I am a proud parent today. My oldest son completed his Criminology diploma and is now venturing onward to complete a degree. 

He continues to amaze and astound with his perseverance and strength. 

I recognize how difficult it was for him to be left behind when we moved, and to be thrown into adulthood while beginning his first year of college with little choice. There were times when he wanted to come home. There were times when he questioned his choice to complete his education. He is now half way complete and is looking forward to the next part of his journey. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Proud mama bear

My son went to a wedding yesterday. When he arrived home I asked him if he had any alcohol. He said he was offered champagne but said no because he figured he wasn’t allowed. I told him if he had called to ask I probably would have been okay with one glass of champagne. His reply made me proud to be his mom. He explained that he wouldn’t have had any even if we allowed it because he doesn’t drink and the effects would be worse on him because he doesn’t drink, making it not worth it anyway. He left because everyone was starting to drink and he felt awkward.

He gets it. He gets that alcohol can have an effect, even if it is one drink. He gets that he doesn’t need to stay in a situation that makes him feel uncomfortable. He said no because he didn’t want to drink, even if it had been okay with us. So proud 🙂