Happy Easter

Easter. Renewal. Spring. The day of sugar and bunnies and eggs… but also a day to remember. Tomorrow we will remember what has been done for us, what path lay before us. What a wonderful blessing it is to be able to have this day. 

My son has been asking about the Easter bunny… mostly because he loves chocolate. He is 17, so his weekly reminders made me chuckle. I asked if he wanted the riddles and egg hiding, or just the sugar… and he just smiled. So tomorrow before church we will hide them one last year. To remember the smiles and laughter and enjoy the blessing of our children.

We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine. — Dwight L. Moody


As we drive down the road today, surrounded by trees and rocks and the lake beside us, I find myself with a lot of time to reflect.

I am reminded that people are like rocks. Some are smooth, some jagged, each one different. The outside of the rock might be plain and boring, or shiny and full of sparkles. But have you ever cut open a rock? Each one is different, and usually the inside looks very unique. Some even have layers or spectacular colour.

People are different. On the outside they may be plain and boring or shiny and sparkly, but on the inside they have layers of spectacular colour just waiting to come out.

My mom has been gently reminding me all month about the light. When she refers to this, she is referring to God’s light in darkness. His light in troubled times. I used to think His light could be hidden from me sometimes, just like the rock hides it’s amazing colours. But that isn’t so. I just don’t always see it because I’m too busy looking at the outside instead of within. 

Sometimes I forget the light is within me – within everything He has created. And then He gives me a new perspective. 

There is a vibrant, colourful  light shining in us all. Don’t forget to look past the outside and really take the time to see what’s beneath all of the layers.

There it was – the true light (was then) coming into the world (the genuine, perfect, steadfast light) that illuminates every person. [Isaiah 49:6] John 1:9 – AMP