Month 1 limited budgeting

We made it with our limited budget this month, and still had a little bit left over so I put it into our debt to pay off a bit more. Our budget is the same for May, being limited but I did add a couple more categories I hadn’t considered – a monthly miscellaneous category for those times I give change to someone who needs it or we pay a parking meter, and a medical category, since I know I will need new glasses eventually. 

I am hoping to make it to the end of May with leftover money to put on debt, but we will see. 

We have planned to be without debt other than our house a year from now. It is a tough goal, but if we follow the budget it is doable!

I have been menu planning and we have eaten out less often, and my coffee addiction, well, we go less often but I still need to work on it!

How do you cut costs?

Day 13 Last day of Driving to Nova Scotia… Part 1

Apprehensive. The driving when the weather is like this:  

And your car antenna looks like this: 

And you just left part of your family and all your friends on the other side of Canada – literally. 

We will arrive in Halifax this afternoon. There is much to do… Hoping the moving truck made it and didn’t offload our stuff into storage… Hoping that the unload and unpack goes smoothly. Hoping our son likes his new school and adjusts quickly. Hoping I find a great doctor, as 13 days of driving everyday in my little Chevy Aveo 5 has done a toll on my body. Hoping our new house is okay as it has sat empty for two weeks, and the weather is awful now.

So many hopes. I know things will be okay. I am trusting that there is a bigger plan for our family. There is a reason that we had to leave our comfort zone.  


Day 10 Ottawa part 2

We spent the day in Ottawa which was a nice break from driving. It was a busy day… Stayed up late last night and got up early, met family, went shopping, met more family, had lunch. Later we met a friend of mine for dinner.

My husband and two of his brothers:

Between Barrhaven and Ottawa they finally finished the bridge and getting places is a lot faster. Plus, it is kind of pretty!

Tomorrow we will be driving to Quebec City (approximately 6 hrs) so the trip shouldn’t be too bad. Only 4 more days and then we arrive to our new home!

Day 9 – Ottawa 

Today we drove from Sudbury to Petawawa to meet family for lunch. 


It was raining most of the drive. But the view (mostly trees) was definitely better than the flat grassy lands in Alberta.

We made it to Ottawa this evening, and will see more family and friends as we are going to stay for two nights.

Then we will be heading to Quebec City! 

Day 8 – Sudbury Ontario

 We are in Sudbury! It was a very long drive! The lakeside was beautiful…

But our view most of the way looked relatively the same, with trees and rock on both sides and the long road ahead.


There are very few places open this time of year, but we did stop in some little towns along the way. There was this little bridge in one:    
And then we made it and went hunting for food. We found Shoeless Joes Sports Grill:
And although we are tired, we haven’t killed each other yet!    
Tomorrow we will drive to Ottawa, Ontario. As we have family there, we will get to visit some people 🙂 I might have more pictures!

Day 6 Thunder Bay

We drove From Winnipeg Manitoba to Thunder Bay Ontario today.


It was a nice day but very long! The rocks and trees reminded me of British Columbia a little bit (when you drive through the mountains).
When we hit Highway 17 we were supposed to stop in Kenora, but there are not many signs and we totally missed it. We ended up stopping in Dryden. 

We hit our half way point – 3090 km from our old house, snapped a selfie, and drove for what seemed like forever. 

The hotel (another Holiday Inn Express) is great. And we can finish the laundry now which is a plus. Tomorrow we head to Wawa Ontario, and will be staying in a cottage. I will be sure to take a picture of the giant goose 🙂

Life and Change

6 years ago my life became different. How I got dressed, got in and out of bed, showered… How I viewed my own self worth… 

I had began training for what I had thought would be a new career. I had left my husband and children for this training. 9 days before completion, everything changed – I just didn’t know it yet. 

I was off for a month. Sent back on course, I left again, not knowing my foot injury had never actually healed. After weeks of training, I gave in to the reality that I was actually making my foot worse. I went home. But little did I know that it would take two more years before someone would figure out why my foot was constantly swollen and I was constantly in pain. 

Two years was too long to be limping and favouring my better foot. Long enough, however, to mis-align everything and cause my vertebrae to slip from grade 1 spondylolisthesis to grade 2. Long enough to cause this same vertebrae to break in 4 pieces. And long enough to change my version of life forever. 

I live in constant pain, and over time I have gotten use to the way I have to do things. Some days are harder than others. Sometimes I need help. 

10 weeks. That’s how long my husband has been living in Halifax, Nova Scotia without us. When he left I was working in a job I loved full time. The boys were at camp for the summer, set to return just after he left. No chance to say goodbye to their dad. No time to prepare themselves for this time away from him, as we were only told 2 weeks before that he was leaving. 

My pain does not just affect me. My children’s and husband’s life changed too. They stuck by me when I couldn’t walk and needed help with day to day care. They stick by me when I had lost hope. They do the things I can’t. And it affects them.

When my husband left we were doing okay. Now that my pain has decided to increase, I have come to realize how much I depend on him. Without him here, I do not get help getting dressed or getting in and out of the tub. My children do a lot – help with cleaning (which is constant when you have your house up for sale), cooking, driving… But they are at school during the day.

I am not complaining btw. This post is mostly a reflection on how things are going, mostly for my own self care. It takes me a long time to get dressed, and some days I just stay in the same clothes until I feel well enough to change. I have – so far- been able to get in the tub and getting out is a little more tricky, but so far with all the adaptations I have been able to accomplish the task. 

I am grateful for my husband and children. I don’t ever want to take their help for granted. I appreciate them. But I also worry about them. With all of these unexpected changes and events, I can see it affecting them. So I ask for prayers for my family, and I lift this up to the only one who has control. Thank you Lord for my family.

Matthew 6:24

I read this verse this morning – and I disliked it. I read the King James Version, and then the New Living Translation. I kept thinking, ‘I know that there are troubles in my life, but I am trying to be positive here! Yes, my chronic pain sucks at times, and my family is apart right now… But I am trying to trust and have faith and carry on without making myself more depressed! 

And then I looked at the verse again. 

And I realized who stands with me during these times and am reminded why I can continue through all things, alive with grace.

The Message version:  


I am reminded again today how blessed my little family is. 

My day started with me sleeping in, which was a long awaited occurrence as of late. Sleep in general is an issue for me, and sleep with pain is even more rare. But I woke at 9am – woke my son up – and got ready to have him chauffeur me around. 

We drove to the insurance place to change my car insurance since I am not allowed to work. I was informed that although I am on the insurance, and I can change it if I am paying more money to them, I cannot cancel any part of the insurance without my husband’s signature. I tried explaining that he is not even in the province but in the end left with business insurance still on my car. I learned also that my physio that I require will not be covered under Veterans Affairs, and that I would have to re-apply for the Rehabilitation program after my medical EI runs out. Medical EI doesn’t begin until the end of October if I am approved. Why are things so complicated? 

We then drove the 45 minutes to pick up my Record of Employment and last cheque, and deposited it into the account before going home.

I had huge plans to rest as my hip is bothering me, my leg is tingling and  I have shooting pains throughout my left leg and foot… 

I was mentally preparing for cleaning the house in small steps for the Open House on Saturday, when my realtor informed me that there will be a showing tomorrow morning. Yay! All I could think of is:

1. God, please sell this house!

2. How am I going to clean the house that quickly?

3. Why does my back pain have to be flairing up now?

And then…

I received a call from the hospital letting me know I have a CT scan tomorrow night. There is usually months of waiting, but the ER doctor ordered this when I went in – few days ago.

As I sat down to check our budget, I realized I had forgotten to enter my husbands pay into it – meaning I could pay the money I borrowed back to my parents and pay some bills earlier than anticipated! Thank you God for you continue to provide for us.

Someone from church brought dinner by today. A much needed blessing to a hectic day. Then, after dinner another someone came by and helped clean the house. The boys cleaned too and it was done much faster than I had imagined! I did still do too much and now that I am resting I can definitely feel more pain, but we are so blessed to have the help that we received today. 

I am so amazed (and shouldn’t be so surprised) at how much we are loved and cared for even when we feel lost, doubtful and exhausted at life. I am truly grateful for everyone’s help. I am grateful enough to be alive with grace.