When cleaning and budgeting makes you happy

Today was a beautiful, sunny and productive day! I slept in, and sleeping is pretty rare for me lately. Then I had a coffee and began to clean the house. It takes me a significant amount of time to do this. Sometimes I don’t ever complete it. 

I started in the bathrooms as my son is sick and because my immune system is compromised everything must be, for the most part, germ free. Normally I skip cleaning the bathtub because it is hard for me to do, but today I managed to complete this as well. 

Then I took a break and took apart the vacuum cleaner so I could clean it (dust and dog hair all over a vacuum kind of defeats its cleaning value). I vacuumed upstairs and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Then I took another break.

My son was sick all day Monday but went to school today. I picked him up to take him to work. He said he still felt seagull but wanted to go to work anyway. I dropped him off and went back home. 

Since I cannot mop the floors with a mop well and was sore from vacuuming, I hand washed them. It took 3 hours, but it got done. And I wiped all the switches and handles in the house with Lysol wipes. 

When my hubby came home we splurged and went out for dinner. It was a nice treat. We have been doing very well on our budget, and still have a fair amount of money left considering there is only 12 days left in the month. It is a good sign 🙂

After supper hubby helped me make turkey stew and turkey noodle soup that we froze for dinners later. I feel like I really accomplished things today. Hoping tomorrow will be just as great. Thankful. 


I am reminded again today how blessed my little family is. 

My day started with me sleeping in, which was a long awaited occurrence as of late. Sleep in general is an issue for me, and sleep with pain is even more rare. But I woke at 9am – woke my son up – and got ready to have him chauffeur me around. 

We drove to the insurance place to change my car insurance since I am not allowed to work. I was informed that although I am on the insurance, and I can change it if I am paying more money to them, I cannot cancel any part of the insurance without my husband’s signature. I tried explaining that he is not even in the province but in the end left with business insurance still on my car. I learned also that my physio that I require will not be covered under Veterans Affairs, and that I would have to re-apply for the Rehabilitation program after my medical EI runs out. Medical EI doesn’t begin until the end of October if I am approved. Why are things so complicated? 

We then drove the 45 minutes to pick up my Record of Employment and last cheque, and deposited it into the account before going home.

I had huge plans to rest as my hip is bothering me, my leg is tingling and  I have shooting pains throughout my left leg and foot… 

I was mentally preparing for cleaning the house in small steps for the Open House on Saturday, when my realtor informed me that there will be a showing tomorrow morning. Yay! All I could think of is:

1. God, please sell this house!

2. How am I going to clean the house that quickly?

3. Why does my back pain have to be flairing up now?

And then…

I received a call from the hospital letting me know I have a CT scan tomorrow night. There is usually months of waiting, but the ER doctor ordered this when I went in – few days ago.

As I sat down to check our budget, I realized I had forgotten to enter my husbands pay into it – meaning I could pay the money I borrowed back to my parents and pay some bills earlier than anticipated! Thank you God for you continue to provide for us.

Someone from church brought dinner by today. A much needed blessing to a hectic day. Then, after dinner another someone came by and helped clean the house. The boys cleaned too and it was done much faster than I had imagined! I did still do too much and now that I am resting I can definitely feel more pain, but we are so blessed to have the help that we received today. 

I am so amazed (and shouldn’t be so surprised) at how much we are loved and cared for even when we feel lost, doubtful and exhausted at life. I am truly grateful for everyone’s help. I am grateful enough to be alive with grace.