Yarmouth, NS

Even though it was foggy, it was a beautiful day for a driving adventure yesterday. Lots of stops along the way, and some beautiful beaches were seen.

Of course, we stopped for lunch and coffee before leaving Yarmouth, so we visited this clock on the waterfront.

I definitely recommend visiting the South shore along the Lighthouse route. It is quite beautiful! 

Lasting love

I have been married for 16 years. In 2008 my husband and I separated. In 2009 we reconciled. I would like to think we have never been happier, but as I have learned, marriage isn’t easy and you can never assume anything.

Relationships, ones where the intention is to be committed and life-long, are plastic… Mouldable… Ever changing. Why? Because people are. We don’t stay the same. Ever. We learn, grow, and change.

How did we reconcile and stay together even through some of the roughest, heart wrenching changes?
1. We talk. All the time. Sometimes it’s about nothing substantial, but communication is key. We don’t assume the other person knows what we want, need or are thinking. We talk about it.

2. We go on dates. Even when our three children were younger, we have tried to have a date at least once a week child-free. This could mean driving and talking with a Tim’s in hand, or stargazing, or actually going out somewhere. We spend time together, and enjoy each other.

3. We are intimate. We hold hands. We hug. We tell each other every day how much we appreciate being together. 

4. We choose each other. This is a huge part of us being able to reconcile after our separation. We could have chosen to part ways, we were, after all, living apart. But once we were able to stand being in the same room together and actually talk, we realized how much we love each other despite our faults. And now everyday, we choose to be together, to love each other, to remain committed forever and always.

It isn’t always easy. We get on each other’s nerves, we disagree, and we drive each other crazy sometimes. But we have known each other 19 years and have been married for 16 of them, so we must be doing something right!


Over the last 8 months we have driven all over Nova Scotia. We went to Cape Breton, Antigonish, the Annapolis Valley, Digby, Greenwood, and even Ecum Secum. We adventured to Miramichi, New Brunswick to see what Chadam looked like now, and drove to Oromocto (Gagetown) to see the base and say hi to our youngest son who is at camp for the summer.

Today we are visiting around Yarmouth. We just made a stop for coffee in Liverpool. 

Nova Scotia is a beautiful province.

Taking time

 Yesterday it was sunny and all the snow was gone. It was warm and I was starting to believe that winter was over… 

Alas, it came back. Blowing snow, cold, and the roads are not really great to drive on. But we needed a day of quiet in our home. Sometimes it feels like we are too busy even though we are not really getting a lot done! 

A day of rest. No commitment, no running to the store, no renovations. It’s nice to have time 🙂 take some time for yourself, even just a few minutes – and be Alive with Grace.

There is beauty here

Sometimes even when I feel like I don’t want to be here I can see why people stay here. Days like this:  


That was our trip to Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg, and our view from the Fort in Halifax. 

But even on days when we are not out exploring, I am reminded of simple beauties. The way the sky lights up pink for miles when the sun goes down. When we cross the Bridge and the coast guard ships are out in the vast ocean. The way the sun dances on the waves. 

There is beauty here. 



We have been in Nova Scotia for 5 and a half weeks. I stripped wallpaper off the ceiling and painted, and now we are moving into the rec room now… It is a very dark room so we are going to paint the top half of the walls a lighter colour to brighten the room a bit. I have watched my husband repair drywall… I didn’t even know that he knew how to do these things, and we have been together for almost 19 years! 

At least the painting will keep me busy for a while. It is definitely going to take me a while to complete the room, since I have to do it a wall at a time. 

Afterwards, we will fix the trim and other random things in that room and then move on to the next room 🙂

A great thing to do in the winter, since it is so cold here!

Home in the New Year

It’s a new year and we live in a new house in a new province. The weather here is similar to BC, other than when it snows it stays longer and the nights are cooler. It is supposed to be a high of -8 tomorrow (eeew!) 

Our son started school and cadets today. He didn’t say too much about either but seemed to think it was okay. Our home is mostly normal now, but I am still getting used to how sound carries in the house. 

Insomnia is kicking my butt. I continue to search for a doctor accepting patients. My foot (and back)has been bothering me and I am not sure there is really anything that can be done. I’m bored and really want to look for work but don’t think I would be able to do much. Maybe I’ll find a place to volunteer. Something… Anything… I can’t sit at home all day or I will go crazy!

We went out for New Years Eve. It was great. We took the ferry (versus trying to drive to Halifax in the traffic) and went downtown. There were bands, fireworks and even cirque performers. It was a good night. 

Hope you all enjoyed your week!wpid-wp-1396845031228.jpeg

Chaotic mess

We slept in our new home last night… Okay, I didn’t sleep. But I lied in bed wondering where our pillows and linen would have been put- we emptied every box except in the garage. 

Then I lied there wondering why packers would put our lamps and linen in the garage boxes. Hoping they are there… Because I was cold last night and had to wear a hoodie!

We pick up our pets and register our son for school today. Our son won’t be starting school until January, so he sort of gets an extended break. (Not really – 13 days in a car driving across Canada wasn’t very fun for him)

We picked up our pets 🙂 two dogs and two cats… and the ‘cat room’ is unpacked and complete. 


Day 13 Last day of driving Part 2 Halifax

It was a long day of driving. We had all kinds of bad weather…  

 And then we made it to Truro NS for lunch and had rain!

We are in Halifax now 🙂  

So much to do starting tomorrow… We did stop by the lawyers and realtors… And our new house… But now we are going to set up delivery for the appliances and then check into our hotel. 

Day 13 Last day of Driving to Nova Scotia… Part 1

Apprehensive. The driving when the weather is like this:  

And your car antenna looks like this: 

And you just left part of your family and all your friends on the other side of Canada – literally. 

We will arrive in Halifax this afternoon. There is much to do… Hoping the moving truck made it and didn’t offload our stuff into storage… Hoping that the unload and unpack goes smoothly. Hoping our son likes his new school and adjusts quickly. Hoping I find a great doctor, as 13 days of driving everyday in my little Chevy Aveo 5 has done a toll on my body. Hoping our new house is okay as it has sat empty for two weeks, and the weather is awful now.

So many hopes. I know things will be okay. I am trusting that there is a bigger plan for our family. There is a reason that we had to leave our comfort zone.