Unpredictable life 

Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦 

I haven’t posted much because life has been crazy. I’m home from my visit with my daughter now and she is still struggling since the car accident but has a great physiotherapist and will be following up with the neurologist soon.

I had mentioned before that we are trying to pay off debt and budget with envelopes. I had tried the virtual enevelope app called Mvelopes, using the free subscription but recently learned that they intend on charging everyone beginning in August. This makes no sense for my family seeing as we are trying to pay debt and save money, not spend more! 

So I recently found the Better Haves app and am trying it. It is free, and you can share the app with another using their email. So far it has not limited the amount of envelopes and there is the option of having shared or individual envelopes as well. There is also tracking for general savings. It doesn’t connect to bank accounts so this is good for me as I worry about the safety of that option. It did take a bit to figure out how to transfer from envelopes, change envelope amounts or income amount. Every month I will have to enter this info for the new budget, but that’s good for me as I need to be able to budget with my spouse each month (and the amount towards our variable expenses changes). 

This month is difficult as I had to make the impromptu trip, and I still haven’t figured out how I am paying for school in September. But I trust that with some planning and faith, everything will work out the way it is supposed to! 

My health is okay. I have a meeting with a specialist at the end of July and continue Physiotherapy, Kinesiology and Massage therapy. I also see my surgeon at the end of July. I am hoping things are improved by then but I know that my vertabrae has slipped another 3mm since surgery… for a total of 12mm now… so we will wait and see. 

Going to take my youngest out and celebrate the birthday of Canada and enjoy the festivities once my husband gets home from work. Hope wherever you are, your day is a blessed and happy one!


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