ALIF Surgery journey Day 1

I have waited 7 years for this surgery. Actually, I was diagnosed with Grade 2 spondylolisthesis with spondylitis and mini fractures of the vertebrae 10 years ago. But it didn’t bother me back then. Until an injury made it worse and it slipped another 3mm in 2011. And then another 3mm in 2012. By 2015 it had slipped approximately 10mm and was sitting on exiting nerve roots and causing my entire left leg to go to sleep (not to mention the pain that came with this).

So today, I arrived at the hospital for surgery. Everything went well. They went in through by belly, and fixed a plastic cage in between vertebrates with 4 screws and some bone protein. Now my body will begin it’s long journey to healing and fusing together its “new bone”.

I was able to walk a short distant a few times today, which I am told is great news! 

I will give an update on how I feel tomorrow. 


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