Day 13 Last day of Driving to Nova Scotia… Part 1

Apprehensive. The driving when the weather is like this:  

And your car antenna looks like this: 

And you just left part of your family and all your friends on the other side of Canada – literally. 

We will arrive in Halifax this afternoon. There is much to do… Hoping the moving truck made it and didn’t offload our stuff into storage… Hoping that the unload and unpack goes smoothly. Hoping our son likes his new school and adjusts quickly. Hoping I find a great doctor, as 13 days of driving everyday in my little Chevy Aveo 5 has done a toll on my body. Hoping our new house is okay as it has sat empty for two weeks, and the weather is awful now.

So many hopes. I know things will be okay. I am trusting that there is a bigger plan for our family. There is a reason that we had to leave our comfort zone.  



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