Day 12 Part 2 New Brunswick

I learned a few things while in Quebec:

  • Being able to read French does not mean you can speak French
  • If you do try and speak French people will generally be polite, shake their head at you, and find someone who speaks English
  • I need to learn how to speak French – properly – if I ever return to Quebec 

We just stopped in Edmunston New Brunswick. We are about 2 1/2 hrs from Fredricton. It is still snowing.  


The roads are okay and the snow is pretty. My back is getting sore so we are stopping more. We finally found an English speaking radio station as well. I had to try and translate as much as I could for my son while we were driving. He actually does pretty well considering he only has the French he learned in school.

At some point tomorrow we will be driving to our final destination in Nova Scotia. Then we will unload the moving truck and unpack, and put up our Christmas tree 🙂


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