Day 7 Wawa, Ontario

Driving from Thunder Bay to Wawa today was uneventful. Half the trip was in fog:

There is not much in between, but we did stop at Terrace Bay and eat lunch at the Drifters Restaurant, which was nice. 

When we arrived in Wawa and found our motel, the Best Northern Motel, we were informed the restaurant is closed, there would be no complimentary breakfast, and they close for the season tomorrow. This made me a bit cranky! I actually told my husband if we get posted back to BC we would not stay here again… But I do like our cottage and we did venture into the little town to find a restaurant that was open. 

I’m guessing that most of the town is busy and open in the summer months, as we are next to Lake Superior about 225km from Sault St. Marie.

Oh… And Wawa has a giant goose.

We are staying in a cute little cottage, which is nice. Our son has his own room here which is an added bonus. And there is a normal size tub! Most of the hotel tubs are shallow.


I’m fairly certain the view from the deck will be stunning when the sun comes up. I plan on taking a picture tomorrow when I get up before we leave for Sudbury, Ontario.


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