Have faith – take the leap

Faith, by definition, takes risk. When true faith is present, obedience follows. It is that faith-inspired action of obedience that God loves. As seen in the example of Israel’s tithes and offerings, when we give out of our faith in who God is (faithful), He proves Himself to be just that. By contrast, when we view God through our doubt and demand something of Him as a way of determining whether or not He can be trusted, we’re in danger of testing God (see Mark 8:11–12).
We are to accept God’s Word by faith, without requiring a sign (see Luke 11:29). God’s promises are there for us when we need them. — summarized, Author unknown (possibly from: Knowing God)

I find myself in the midst of chaos literally and figuratively speaking. My faith remains strong, hence why I am still able to get up and do what needs to be done. But since this journey our family has been on began, I have felt like I am stumbling and when I ask God for help, I feel like I am testing Him. Now, when I talk to Him, I ask for His will. His plan. His right path. I always try to remember that the answer I am looking for may be a very different one than I am hoping for. 

Dave was going to retire. Two weeks prior, he was struggling to know wether it was right or not. We prayed for clear answers. Answers that we could not misconstrue as something else. 

We didn’t get an audible voice or a word from Sunday’s sermon or friends that felt that God was saying something. The next day I was told I was being laid off in 120 days and Dave found out the job he had applied for had changed and he wouldn’t know if he had a part time job if he retired. So I would have no job, and Dave may not have one either. We prayed more and realized that what God wanted was different than what we had decided. So we changed our plans. 

Gods plans aren’t always easy. This entire journey has been filled with ups and downs. But because of this, my faith has increased. My knowledge that this is Gods plan has been confirmed over and over again. 

I remember saying to God,”I don’t get it, everything you wanted me to do I have done, yet still, I am feeling attacked. And I kept hearing, “Trust me. I’ve got this.”

And He does. Every step. Every Second. Every detail. He’s got it. Without Him I wouldn’t be alive with Grace.


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