In Remembrance 

On our first Anniversary my husband left for 3 months of training. Immediately after this, he was sent to Winnipeg, MB. I was in BC with our three little ones. It was my first military posting, and I did it without him at home. We were in Winnipeg for 6 years. He was gone on deployment for most of it.

When he came home after the first 6 month tour, it was the first time I had ever seen him a broken human being. And he left for a second tour after only being home for a few weeks. He was never the same. 

It was hard, and we made it through together. There are still times I see the look in his eyes. It is the cost of war.

Whether you served or are still serving, lost loved ones, or serve Canada in some other capacity (RCMP, Fire fighter, etc)… Today, tomorrow, and every day, I will remember you. 


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