Together soon

In seven days I will know for sure if my house is sold (conditions will be off) and will be able to go look for a house in Nova Scotia. It will be the farthest I have been in Canada, and the farthest I have been away from my parents and two of my three children, as our daughter has lived in Alberta for two years and our oldest son will be staying here in British Columbia. 

I will be thankful when this move is done. I am starting to get excited as I have not seen my husband in three months. In that time I have been reminded that I can be independent, and I have learned a lot… Painting, filling holes, fixing toilets… (I even replaced almost every part inside the toilet tank- and learned it isn’t hard or expensive!)

Just last week I was exhausted. I found myself snapping at my boys. I even spent one night crying non-stop. But through all the stuff that has happened, I have remained faithful that God has a plan in all things. I continue to pray for my family and this move. I continue to pray for my health. Only our youngest is moving with us and I am sure that I will miss my other children! It will be quiet without the two boys together…

I am thankful for what I have accomplished in this short time. And I am thankful that my husband will be able to come back home soon so we can move and continue the journey together, alive with grace.


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