How old is too old?

When I grew up, I went out on Halloween and collected candy. My mom would tell us the ‘Christian’ perspective on Halloween, and some years we even went to church parties instead of house to house. We just saw it as a day to get candy and dress up as silly things. And when I had children, I explained the history of Halloween, and let them choose. They chose candy. But how old is too old? I allowed the kids to go trick or treating until they turned 14 unless going to collect food for the food bank and not actually getting candy (which they chose to do for the last two years anyways). Our youngest is now 15, and I have informed him that he can go to a Halloween party but may not knock on doors asking for candy. I explained that the little kids are the ones that should be knocking on doors, and he can give out candy if he wants to help. 

What do you think? Do you let your children trick or treat? How old is too old to be trick or treating?


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