I don’t like uncertainty or change. As I write this, my family sits in uncertainty – waiting to hear if a huge change will be affecting us in the new year. My husband can think of lots of pros, and I can only think of the cons. My children have mixed feelings about the possibility. I do not know what to do or say, and all I can do is wait for the decision to be made and then plan our lives from there.
I am trying really hard to trust God in the uncertain time. I know that whatever happens, God has a plan in it all. But some days that does not make me feel less frustrated or concerned.
I have been working casual at our local homeless shelter (and also volunteer some of my time there). I am enjoying it most days, although working midnights is messing my sleep up on the days I am home. I am working my last week with my client this week, as two jobs were becoming difficult with my nerve pain back and upon suggestion from my doctor I gave notice at this job. I have mixed feelings, as I really enjoyed working with this client.
My kids are amazing. My oldest is doing well living on her own. She works full time and goes to the gym almost everyday. She still eats her weird healthy foods… lol. My sons are busy as cadets and school take up most of their days. Driving them takes some of mine. My oldest son might be getting his licence soon and then he can drive. He has his test in a couple weeks so only time will tell.
I think I need to paint again. Soon. Then maybe all this uncertainty will weigh less on my heart.


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