Unpredictable life 

Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦 

I haven’t posted much because life has been crazy. I’m home from my visit with my daughter now and she is still struggling since the car accident but has a great physiotherapist and will be following up with the neurologist soon.

I had mentioned before that we are trying to pay off debt and budget with envelopes. I had tried the virtual enevelope app called Mvelopes, using the free subscription but recently learned that they intend on charging everyone beginning in August. This makes no sense for my family seeing as we are trying to pay debt and save money, not spend more! 

So I recently found the Better Haves app and am trying it. It is free, and you can share the app with another using their email. So far it has not limited the amount of envelopes and there is the option of having shared or individual envelopes as well. There is also tracking for general savings. It doesn’t connect to bank accounts so this is good for me as I worry about the safety of that option. It did take a bit to figure out how to transfer from envelopes, change envelope amounts or income amount. Every month I will have to enter this info for the new budget, but that’s good for me as I need to be able to budget with my spouse each month (and the amount towards our variable expenses changes). 

This month is difficult as I had to make the impromptu trip, and I still haven’t figured out how I am paying for school in September. But I trust that with some planning and faith, everything will work out the way it is supposed to! 

My health is okay. I have a meeting with a specialist at the end of July and continue Physiotherapy, Kinesiology and Massage therapy. I also see my surgeon at the end of July. I am hoping things are improved by then but I know that my vertabrae has slipped another 3mm since surgery… for a total of 12mm now… so we will wait and see. 

Going to take my youngest out and celebrate the birthday of Canada and enjoy the festivities once my husband gets home from work. Hope wherever you are, your day is a blessed and happy one!

Grace in all things

I have spent the last 12 days with my daughter in Edmonton. She was in a car accident and suffered some moderate injuries; including losing the most of the feeling in her left hand, arm, and jaw, and a concussion which has left her tired, confused, irritable, and with a very short memory. 

Today has been a better day for her. I am hoping things will only improve from here, as I leave for home tomorrow night. She has to be off work a minimum of 2 months, and this leaves her worried about her finances as wage loss through insurance does not cover all of her income. 

I am thankful that I was able to come and help her and enjoyed this time with her as we don’t get to see each other often! I am also very thankful for my sister in law who helped her the first day before I arrived and the great medical staff she has been blessed with. 

Thankful that she is so alive with grace 💕

Good life 

Today I went to my bank and asked them to wave my banking fees as I am a student. I have to bring in my student card every year, but it is worth it. I kept forgetting that the bank can do this and could have saved $25 a month in monthly banking fees… that is money I can now put towards debts. 

I also had coffee at a local Resource Centre and received a free shoulder and neck massage as there were students who needed practical experience. That was an awesome treat!

I have started physio, kinesiology and massage therapy now. I go twice a week for physio and kinesiology, and massage once a week. I have done one week so far, and I am sore but okay. I am hoping to have more strength and less pain after the 14 week program. I find that my back is still sore after doing any prolonged standing or walking and my foot is still sore and randomly goes numb. I still have some nerve pain at times but it is better than before surgery.

Overall life is good. And the weather here is beginning to warm up, so I get to spend more time outside on our deck enjoying it!

Proud mama

I am a proud parent today. My oldest son completed his Criminology diploma and is now venturing onward to complete a degree. 

He continues to amaze and astound with his perseverance and strength. 

I recognize how difficult it was for him to be left behind when we moved, and to be thrown into adulthood while beginning his first year of college with little choice. There were times when he wanted to come home. There were times when he questioned his choice to complete his education. He is now half way complete and is looking forward to the next part of his journey. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Month 1 limited budgeting

We made it with our limited budget this month, and still had a little bit left over so I put it into our debt to pay off a bit more. Our budget is the same for May, being limited but I did add a couple more categories I hadn’t considered – a monthly miscellaneous category for those times I give change to someone who needs it or we pay a parking meter, and a medical category, since I know I will need new glasses eventually. 

I am hoping to make it to the end of May with leftover money to put on debt, but we will see. 

We have planned to be without debt other than our house a year from now. It is a tough goal, but if we follow the budget it is doable!

I have been menu planning and we have eaten out less often, and my coffee addiction, well, we go less often but I still need to work on it!

How do you cut costs?

When cleaning and budgeting makes you happy

Today was a beautiful, sunny and productive day! I slept in, and sleeping is pretty rare for me lately. Then I had a coffee and began to clean the house. It takes me a significant amount of time to do this. Sometimes I don’t ever complete it. 

I started in the bathrooms as my son is sick and because my immune system is compromised everything must be, for the most part, germ free. Normally I skip cleaning the bathtub because it is hard for me to do, but today I managed to complete this as well. 

Then I took a break and took apart the vacuum cleaner so I could clean it (dust and dog hair all over a vacuum kind of defeats its cleaning value). I vacuumed upstairs and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Then I took another break.

My son was sick all day Monday but went to school today. I picked him up to take him to work. He said he still felt seagull but wanted to go to work anyway. I dropped him off and went back home. 

Since I cannot mop the floors with a mop well and was sore from vacuuming, I hand washed them. It took 3 hours, but it got done. And I wiped all the switches and handles in the house with Lysol wipes. 

When my hubby came home we splurged and went out for dinner. It was a nice treat. We have been doing very well on our budget, and still have a fair amount of money left considering there is only 12 days left in the month. It is a good sign 🙂

After supper hubby helped me make turkey stew and turkey noodle soup that we froze for dinners later. I feel like I really accomplished things today. Hoping tomorrow will be just as great. Thankful. 

Turkey Easter

I was not going to make Easter dinner. But for years I have done so and not doing it feels wrong. So even though there are only 3 of us now, I ventured to the store to buy something – ham or turkey, or even chicken… so that I can make Easter dinner for when my husband comes home from work.

I found a small turkey. I got home and came  to the realization that I have to thaw this turkey… haha! Good thing our microwave is big. 

We will have turkey dinner tonight, and then turkey leftovers for a while 🙂

Happy Easter

Easter. Renewal. Spring. The day of sugar and bunnies and eggs… but also a day to remember. Tomorrow we will remember what has been done for us, what path lay before us. What a wonderful blessing it is to be able to have this day. 

My son has been asking about the Easter bunny… mostly because he loves chocolate. He is 17, so his weekly reminders made me chuckle. I asked if he wanted the riddles and egg hiding, or just the sugar… and he just smiled. So tomorrow before church we will hide them one last year. To remember the smiles and laughter and enjoy the blessing of our children.

We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine. — Dwight L. Moody